Monday, August 19, 2013

Smart View

In a move that probably took even the most die-hard Hyperion pros (and myself ;) by surprise, Oracle has released Smart View last Friday. Yes, you got it right, the version number indeed reads eleven-one-two-five! I'm not quite sure how Oracle came up with such a jump in the version numbering but I'll wager that they wanted to separate Smart View from the rest of the EPM suite as the product has pretty much started to live a life of its own anyway. Let's take a look at what the new package has got to offer.

What's New

  • New certifications:
    • Support for Windows 8 added (on PC and on Microsoft Surface Pro tablets)
    • Microsoft Office 2013 supported (32 and 64-bit)
    • For older OSs and Office versions the list follows the EPM certification matrix
  • The same installer (smartview.exe) now includes the add-in versions for both 32-bit and 64-bit Microsoft Office
  • Installer language detected automatically based on Windows Regional Settings
  • Better upgrade functionality - no need to uninstall or delete files (Note: When upgrading from release and earlier, Oracle recommends to uninstall Smart View first)
  • MS .Net Framework 4.0 is needed (the installer will complain and close in case correct framework version is not found)
  • Lots of bugs fixed and known issues listed with workarounds. Some highlights:
    • The Improve Metadata Storage option is selected by default to improve performance and enhance compatibility with Excel macros
    • Starting with release, formula cells can be copied and pasted
    • Excel process no more terminates when saving a workbook in certain cases
    • HFM: POV details were not correctly passed into linked forms
    • Planning: Decimal truncation error fixed when comma is used as decimal separator in Windows
    • Etc... See the readme file for full list

Latest Smart View version is now available on a separate Smart View page on the Oracle Technology Network website:

Full documentation for SV available on OTN as well. Take some time to read through the readme file as there are still some quirks with the 64-bit Office support (some of which Oracle seems to be trying to tackle with Microsoft).

Update (2014-03-20): Thanks to John Goodwin for pointing out the following information about Smart View and backwards compatibility.
This version of Smart View ( can be used with HFM, Planning and Essbase versions:
- 11.1.2.x

(Source: "Available Patch Sets and Patch Set Updates for Oracle Hyperion Planning (Doc ID 1395593.1)" and similar docs for HFM and Essbase)


  1. Great post!
    Thanks Henri.

  2. Hello, could you me tell me if Smart View version runs with Office 2013? I installed on the pc of a client who has office 2013 but seems not working properly! Thanks a lot for your help! Francesco

    1. No, the first version of Smart View that can be used with Office 2013 is You can find the link to the download page from my post above.

  3. Hi, do you know if we can use Smartview with HFM Are there any issues with this? \Eva

    1. I am using this combination now at a client and have not had any trouble. SV should be backwards compatible.

    2. Yes, it is compatible with older EPM releases as well. For some reason Smart View has been dropped from the EPM Compatibility Matrix document that used to include this kind of information.

  4. who know whether hyperion can work in excel 2013

    1. Hello,

      Excel 2013 and Essase 6.5 dont work together properly. If the DLL Essbase is enabled, I find some bugs in Excel formulas and the navigation between 2 workbooks isn't possible....

      But I have no solutions currently :-(

      Does anyone has an idea ? Could you help me ?


  5. I may have found a bug of sorts. When you dock the POV to the top of Excel 2013, no problem. But if you switch windows the dock hides, and then when you switch back it reappears, causing a whole lot of excess drawing on the screen. Running 8.1 on a Surface Pro 2, Office(well really Excel) 2013 and
    I'm still trying to hunt this one down, so if it's something I'm doing wrong, my apologies. I did think you'd want to be aware at any rate.

    1. According to the readme file for SV Windows 8 is supported on Surface Pro tablets. Windows 8.1 will probably be officially certified with a later release. But it's of course hard to tell if the problem is caused by OS version or not...

  6. Hi, do we know if SV supports PC Windows 8.1? Many thanks!

    1. From Oracle Support: "Windows 8.1 Client will be supported only with the future release (this may be subject to change). Please check with compatibility matrix for more info."

      Therefore it's not officially supported so I wouldn't deploy to a large number of end-user PCs as you won't get support in case you run into problems. If it's just your own laptop I would give it a try just to see if it works or not... ;)

  7. Hyperion financial reporting version:

    ORACLE smart view version for office : 042)

    Microsoft power point version 2007

    We have imported reports from HFR to Microsoft power point using the smart view addin ,in the smartview tab in ppt we have options to manually refresh single slide or all slides in the ppt.

    We are looking at to automate the ppt refresh instead of manully opening the ppt file and click on the refresh it possible to automate this.

    We have 30 ppt files ,and required to refrsh monhly 3 times,it is time consuming process to manully open the ppt file and refresh every time.

    1. I think automation should be achievable using VBScript but I have to admit that I haven't tried it myself. Have you had a look at this blog post for example: Automation of SmartView reports?